Sunday, March 29, 2009

Catalina Island in the Distance

26 miles across the sea, Santa Catalina is a-waitin' for me. Weekend backlog of traffic coming into the Ports of Long Beach and LA.

First Trip to Joe Josts

Joe Jost's is the local neighborhood bar. It's just that the "neighborhood" has long since moved about 5 miles to the east...

Tummy Time in Long Beach

Charley made his first trip to the LBC. Blanket by Emily's paternal grandmother (Grandmother).

3 Generations of Boob Tube Zombies

The Duckman men taking in NCAA basketball. By Grandpa's left hand, the team heading right to left across the screen is up by 3 (2 to the power of 0 plus 2 to the power of 1).

Watching Basketball with Grandpa

Nobody told Charley that UCLA was knocked out of the tournament already.

Charley at Dog Beach

Charley's first trip to the beach.

Vigo Loves the Beach

Grandma and Grandpa live one block from the Dog Beach in Long Beach, Vigo's 2nd most favorite place in the world (after any place Emily is).

Outfit and Yams