Sunday, April 26, 2009

Babies In Our Bed

Charley's First Birthday Party

Iyan is the son of Emily's former boss. Here he is taking on the pinata. Charley was busy eating and missed his turn.

Visit From Janine

Janine went to high school with Emily and was in California on business, but carved out time to see Charley Doodle. Looks like the Doodle is copping a feel.

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook #1

Prompted by this LA Times article we visited the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook. It is less than a mile from our house (to the south) and we had always wondered who lived in the big house on top of the hill. And the answer is grumpy State Park Rangers who informed us that, next time, Vigo will not be welcome.

If you squint, and if you can see through trees on two dimensional images, then you can see our house to the right of the Culver Studios (large buildings in lower left quadrant).

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook #2

Hollywood Sign somewhere through the smog.
Vigo makes a break for it.

Downtown LA

Come to mama!

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook #3

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook #4

Cacti waiting to be planted

Pair of cool dudes

Charley in his doggie hat

Vigo Dreams of Taking Flight

Emily and Charley

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wally Bear Gets Left Outside

Vigo takes care of Charley better than his own baby... PS Wally is sleeping on the remnants of the old lawn. PPS Wally is in fact a walrus, not a bear.