Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bye Bye Baby

Charley left LA today for his first trip to Virginia, with Emily and Uncle Kris, which means two weeks without baby for Papa - and also means hiatus for the blog. PS they took the camera so I cannot document and post the adorable image of Vigo sleeping with his head on the window sill, awaiting their return. It will be interesting to see how many days pass before Vigo sleeps anywhere but beneath the front window.

Appeasing Charley's Gambling Problem

Charley goes to Hollywood Park to bet on the ponies and enjoy $1 beer/$1 hot dog night.

Sleeping on His Belly

Charley's First Trip to the Beach

Charley, Emily, Uncle Kris and Brother Vigo went to the dog section of Hungtington Beach. I understand it went ok at first but eventually wind + sand = cranky baby. And cranky baby drew concern from Vigo, who brought with him more sand... His swim trunks look cool, though!

Beach Video 1

Beach Video 2

Salaam Alaikum, Charley

Visit From Nora and Ted

Friends of Jamie's parents. They came with a shirt for Charley with a crab on it that read "feed me before I snap." Very appropriate! We need to find one for Emily.