Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Arriving at Dodger Stadium for Charley's First Baseball Game

Downtown LA in the background. City hall is to the left of our right shoulders. The parking lot behind us, just a couple hundred feet from the top deck entrance, was open to the public until just a few years ago. One of LA's best kept secrets taken away by the McCourt family.

Looking over the Chavez Ravine.
Charley says, "enough pictures, let's find our seats!"


Three generations cheer on dem bums (only one ever did so in Brooklyn).

Dodger Game Close-ups

Looking confident in a Dodger win.

It was Tammy's first baseball game too!
Sleeping through the middle innings. Note the big pool of drool on his belly!

Stadium Shots

From the outfield gift shop beyond the left field bullpen. About where Matt Kemp's home run landed a couple hours earlier.
San Gabriel Mountains beyond the stadium.
Manny warming up.
Fuzzier Manny. He wouldn't be booed until the following night.

In the Gift Shop

Quite impressively, Charley carried this around for several minutes before he dropped it. In the end, discretion, and a hideously long line, were the better part of valor.

Vigo's Ready for Football Season

Trying Out Rice Cereal


Wally Bear waits patiently in the background. Unseen, Vigo waited not so patiently in the foreground.
Not so sure.
More, please!

Charley Grabs His Nemesis

Charley was finally able to reach and hold onto the parrot that taunted him for weeks.

Hangin' in the Laundry

Talking to Mom on the Phone