Monday, April 26, 2010

Charley on It's a Small World

Needless to say, Charley was fascinated. As for us, well, the last picture sums it up perfectly...

Charley meets Goofy

Warning: un-Disneylike language in the video (somebody thought he was taking a picture)

Charley on Peter Pan and Pinocchio

Charley in Sleeping Beauty's castle

Disney completely ripped off the movie Enchanted to make this one.

Charley on Monsters, Inc. Ride

Charley and various "Bug's Life" rides

Charley tries on flight goggles

Charley watches Toy Soldiers

Granddaddy takes Charley on the merry-go-round

At Disney California Adventure

They wouldn't let Charley on this ride.

This ad meant something to Emily ... A good husband would probably know what.

Now you know who buys the tourist-trap photos...

Why didn't they superimpose some rain to match the weather that day?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Charley falls asleep on Hearst Castle tour ... again

Watching elephant seals in the rain

A mass of seal-manity

The elephant seals come to San Simeon (near Hearst Castle) each year to mate. Only women and children were left; the men had returned to the arctic.

Charley sized Adirondack chair

"Enough, Dad. I've got places to go."

Charley in his big boy car seat

The correct spelling of this carseat design is "Cowmooflage."

Charley and Granddaddy at Rush Street

Had this picture been taken 15 minutes earlier, local sports news personality Lindsay Soto would have been in the background.

Charley behaves well for Mom's birthday dinner

Charley walks off the calories aftwards...

Charley the Easter Bunny