Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jamie takes Eala to her first track meet

It was the Oxy High Performance track meet at Occidental College. Professionals and some collegians; only middle distance. Nearly every relevant American middle distance runner was there, and many PRs were still set. Eala was delightful but the single dad with an infant at an outdoor event in the evening definitely got some passed glances. Girls 1600m national high school record holder and current Univ. of Washington star, Christine Babcock, and her family were sitting near us and thought Eala was cute. Jamie ran in a high school meet on this track in 1991. He remembered the stadium being enormous when in fact it is a very intimate setting.

Definitely check out the Men's 800. But Women's 800 and both 1500s were competitive races.

Charley wears Jamie's hat

Charley gets new bedding; rips bedspread off immediately

Charley launches himself into his bed

Eala likes Charley's bed too

Playing at the Cowardly Lion statue / fountain in Culver City

Charley and Molly's sunglasses

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Charley helps Jamie with home improvement project

"Measure twice and cut once." Or, as is more appropos of the Duckman way, "just get more wood than you need in case you screw up." Not pictured: the circular saw that Charley couldn't understand why he wasn't allowed to use.

Sleeping Eala sucks her thumb

Charley loves books

Items from Emily's wallet rescued from the recycling bin

Charley thought that all the paper, including her social security card and all the greenbacks, belonged in recycling. On a side note, the curious contents of Emily's wallet included her social security card (why make it difficult for identity theives), a blockbuster card (what is this 1995?) and the receipt for Cabbage Patch doll from the 80s.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Charley takes the truck for a spin

First he sets the gps.

Then he steers around trouble.

Beep beep! Then he screams at traffic just like his daddy.

Fortunately he was not strong enough to push the horn with his finger.

Charley goes crazy with stickers from the grocery store cashier