Saturday, May 7, 2011

Relaxing at Midnight Cellars after a long day of wine tasting.

This should have been our final stop. The only place still open after 6pm is this cheesey castle, about which we had not heard good things (Eagle Castle Winery But we stopped anyway. Charley had been a great boy all day. He, on Emily's lap, was entertaining himself at the piano with the sign that read, "If you are musically inclined, please feel free to play the piano." Well, Charley is VERY musically inclined, if not exactly musically accomplished. Not understanding the meaning of "inclined," someone from the establishment came up and told Emily, "uh, I really don't think that's appropriate." Being almost 6:30, there was only one other couple in the place and playing the piano meant not pillaging the various overpriced castle-themed chotchkies at toddler level around the room. Even though it was by far the worst winery we'd ever been to in the area, we had planned on buying a token bottle of wine until that point. Maybe some day Charley will come back famous and perform a piano sonata ... at a neighboring winery.

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