Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eala pulls invisible rabbit out of hat

Eala and Aunt Leslie

Charley and Kira show off their hoops skills

Eala relaxes with Uncle Solomon

Charley on airplane to DC I

Charley on airplane to DC II

Needless to say, the window shade went up and down many, many times.

Either because of the dry air or because he was entertaining himself (and nearly any activity other than opening and closing the window shade was preferable), Charley consumed copius amounts of water on the trip. We changed two enormous diapers within a couple hours.

With about two hours left in the flight, Charley had enough and started yelling "out airplane! out airplane!"

Eala on airplane to Washington, DC

Monday, June 20, 2011

Charley's first haircut: Charley chooses his car

This jeep had just been used. They kept trying to get him to pick one of the other five (clean) cars. But no, they did not understand the magnitude of Charley's stubbornness. Charley didn't cry during the haircut (well, he hated the bangs clipping (see below)), but he was very unhappy to wait for his jeep to be detailed.

Charley's first haircut: the process begins

Charley's first haircut: more photos!