Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Duck Tales

Our friend and Charley's godmother, Molly, gave Charley and Eala this oversized stuff duck, which Charley quickly claimed as his own. He often refuses to sleep without it (although it must be noted that he refuses to sleep for many other reasons too), despite the fact that Duck in bed leaves little room for Charley. He recently interupted the reading of a story by Jamie to retrieve Duck from his room and position him on the couch next to him and Jamie. The other night, Charley arrived outside our bedroom door around 5am. This is nothing unusual, of course; but he had dragged Duck from his bed (1), through the living room (2), through the kitchen (3), past Eala's room to the bottom of the stairs (4) and up the flight of stairs to our bedroom (5). It is unclear how long it took Charley to transport what is equal in height and superior in girth to him, but, rest assured, only one of them made it into our bed (unfortunately it was the boney one who kicks and squirms).

(This daytime reenactment was brought to you by Canon and a recent visit from the cleaning lady)

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