Thursday, July 26, 2012

No Baby Duckman Day V

Jeep tour of Aruba. Some tourists actually drive. Our driver, a middle aged man from Orlando, drove us like Charley drives his matchbox cars. Actually, charley driving would have been preferable.
At the Natural Bridge. More accurately, THE Natural Bridge's little brother. The more spectacular natural bridge, a few feet away, collapsed 7 years ago. That hasn't stopped them from using it in all the marketing materials.

Stacked rocks for making wishes. Despite the appearance of some native ritual, these are from a tradition begun and continued by tourists.

Waves crashing the windward side of the island.

Jamie drenched by a wave crashing the windward side of the island.

Overlooking windward side of Aruba. Jamie still wet.

Cacti everywhere. Did not snap off a piece for Grandma's garden.

Ruins of 19th century gold processing building. Designed to look like a fort to fool pirates.

Emily in fake canon portal.

At donkey sanctuary. Not shown: donkeys charging Jamie (video to come eventually).

Waves on either side of the Natural Pool (not pictured: could not take cameras to the pool). Please note that the Natural Pool was just a tidal pool about the size of a large backyard pool.

Jamie's hand after nearly getting swept out of the Natural Pool while snorkeling. Emily fared only slightly better. She actually took the wave on her head despite sitting on the side of the pool.

Brave survivors of the Natural Pool. Apparently it is usually calm...

Weary jeep tourists struggle to stay awake through dinner. Jamie still working on his playoff beard in belated honor of Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings.

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